Van Haelst Fruit specializes in the cultivation of Conference pears. 95% of the acreage consists of recent plantings in the V-hedge system. This results in a qualitatively and quantitatively high-quality product.

There is a lot of focus on sustainability and ecology in cultivation:

  • Artificial fertilizers are reduced to a minimum by using natural fertilizers and compost product.
  • All kinds of natural resources, such as bird boxes for great tits, predasect houses for earwigs, flower hedges for bees, pheromone confusion, … are used to find an ideal balance between environment and quality.
  • Almost full grass strips to suppress weeds and soil fungi.
  • The Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice) certificate guarantees a tasty and safe product.

We are an innovative company. We always strive to be a pioneer in our field. This through constant innovations, such as fuel-saving measures through combined mowing and misting, controlled sprinkler systems for controlled watering, self-propelled tractors, extensive projects to continue to grow as ecologically as possible.


ULO (Ultra Low Oxgihen) cold stores ensure that our fruit can be stored all year round. The cooling is done by natural gases, namely CO² and/or NH³.

Solar panels drive the installations.


Our subsidiary company VHM Fruit Trade takes care of the packaging and marketing of our pears. Our customers are located all over Europe and beyond. Our greatest asset is that we package according to the customer’s wishes. Any desired packaging is possible. Due to a direct approach and fast service, our customer base is still growing. Supermarkets all over Europe are charmed by our accurate service and the direct route from orchard to store.

Due to the increasing demand, we also buy pears from fellow fruit growers who always strive for a top product. It is important here that our suppliers share our vision, namely growing a tasty and beautiful pear in an innovative, sustainable and ecological way.

To guarantee food safety and full traceability, we have the BRC certificate with annual checks.


Van Haelst Fruit and VHM attach great importance to sustainability and ecology. We strive to minimize our CO² and waste emissions through various aspects of our business. Rainwater is collected, purified and 100% reused, solar panels provide electricity, orchards are nearby so that less transport is needed.

The choice to deliver our crops directly to the department stores results in fewer operations and direct transport.

Due to a thorough ecological balance throughout the company, the tastiest Conference pears are grown and packaged.

We invest in your healthy food and that of future generations.


Managers Christophe Van Haelst and Cherlyn Maes are supported daily by a team of permanent people and a team of seasonal workers, in order to strive for a good production both in the orchards and in the packaging.

All employees are trained on site to work in a driven and passionate manner on delivering a tasty, healthy pear.

The GRASP (Global Risk Assessment on Social Practice) certificate proves that our company meets a number of requirements in the areas of personnel and payroll administration, pensions, health, safety and welfare at work.

We attach great importance to respect for each other.